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JANOD Vehicles Magnet Book

People have long known that puzzles present many benefits for children as they develop. I read an article once about the three basics of what puzzles do for your child. When our child is alone with a puzzle, you can expect three basic skills to be built: Physical skills- from holding puzzle pieces and turning… Continue reading JANOD Vehicles Magnet Book

Toddler Activities

The Three Little Pigs: Puzzle, Coloring and Match the numbers

Hi! Still continuing with The Three Little Pigs activities, I stumbled upon Cassie, 3 Dinosaurs Blog who make a great free printable for toddler. Little N did some puzzle and coloring. It’s a great activity to learn about color and match the pictures. N still need little help from me to match the picture though.… Continue reading The Three Little Pigs: Puzzle, Coloring and Match the numbers

Toddler Activities

The Three Little Pigs : The Huffing Fox

I called this activity The Huffing Fox because this activity involves blowing using a straw. This is such fun activity for kids and a hit for my son N. He blew it more than zillion times until gets tired of it. Ha ha.. This activity makes a great science exploration too for older kids. Kids… Continue reading The Three Little Pigs : The Huffing Fox

Toddler Activities

The Three Little Pigs : Pictures Sequence

I love the 3 little pigs’ story, and this book has been one of the favorite fairy tales for all children around the world. N is one of them. We have done some pretend play on this story and he would funnily quote "not by my hair on my chiny chin chin" or "i'm a… Continue reading The Three Little Pigs : Pictures Sequence

Toddler Activities

Sorting, Counting, Graphing with Cars

Since N entered preschool, we have less time doing activities at home than we used to. So I would only do activities that are quick to prepare but still fun for N. N is an imaginative and energetic boy. Every day he plays with his cars and he is a car collectors. So I stumbled… Continue reading Sorting, Counting, Graphing with Cars


PIP’s PLAYbox at Esplanade (Singapore)

Welcome to my travel blog page where I will share my travel experience with N. As this is my first travel blog, I will share the most updated and interesting for you. I grew up in Singapore and Singapore has always been my second home. While the travelling distance to Singapore is convenience, my family… Continue reading PIP’s PLAYbox at Esplanade (Singapore)

Toddler Activities

Sunday Science : Sink or Float

Welcome to my very first blog page. Honestly I’m quite nervous about where to start and also what people will think about my blog. On the other hand, I’m just excited and happy that finally I can share my ideas and stories! This will not be happening without my partner in life support. Since 2015,… Continue reading Sunday Science : Sink or Float