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Magna-Tiles Clear Colour 100 Set

I have always love open ended toys for my kids to play because it teaches you to create and build many things. During N 6thyears old birthday, I bought him a Magnatiles toy as his present. I have been eyeing this toy for so long.

So far, for 3 consecutive months both of my boys love Magnatiles so much, they always unboxing and play with it until the box is damaged eventually. Hahaha… everyday I notice each of them will create new things. I am surprised that M who was just turned 2 years old love Magnatiles too. I know it stated the toy is suitable for above 3+ years old but as long as we watched the younger kids to play and guides him, it should be fine..

The negative side is that M loves to throw things once he is bored, so he like to throw and break the Magnatiles that we both together created it. So far I have to say, the materials that Magnatiles have is very strong and unbreakable.

A 3D Magnatiles that I bought is the 100 piece set. The Magnatiles clear colors is include 4 large Squares, 11 right triangle, 20 Equilateral Triangles, 50 small Squares and 15 Isosceles Triangles.

One day I created a maze for M to play using Magnatiles, with a character he dearly love which is giraffe and pizza (from Duplo). He enjoy it very much, this is one of the thing that I love about Magnatiles because you can create different kind of mazes in just few minutes for 2 years old toddler to play, who is easily bored. He was entertained by playing this for an hour. We make stories and encourage M to learn about  Mazes. Mazes is great way for children to boost their problem solving skills. Together with Magnatiles, it also improves children about hand and eye coordination skills too.

Here is the picture of M who was enjoying playing with Magnatiles:

During sunset, again sometimes it’s a great time we unboxing Magnatiles set again, because our sunset ray will shine around our living room apartment. So, we did play Magnatiles again as each piece is translucent and brightly coloured. It shines and give a brightly reflection shadows on our living room floor. Both boys are so excited to create things together.

For now, we all love Magnatiles toy sometimes, when my oldest need to use most of the Magnatiles, my second boy also want to play with it. Thus I gave him Magformers that we had. But unfortunately, Magformers seems more difficult to build and play for my 2 years old toddler. I will review that toy for you too to share to give an idea.

There are many kinds of Magnetic toys here in the market with ranges of prices. Magnatiles is one of the expensive magnetic set. If you have any other brands that you can recommend, drop by to my comment and let me know. We will love to have more open ended toys.

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