Product Reviews

Training Cup

Since he was a baby, my second son has been drinking using special spout. When he grew older, I started to introduce him to drink from a straw bottle and he was able to sip the water very well. I was so glad with his development.

At his 18 months of age, he started to notice his older brother who is drinking from open cup and he started to mimic this behavior. I came across this interesting online store who is specializing in selling Baby Led Weaning products ( and found out they sell an open training cup just what I was looking for.

The product brand name is called Reflo and the design is really straight forward just like normal cup but with added benefit of flow control. With its simple design my son could drinks from any portion of the rim all 360 degree without any mess and the flow of liquid is just nice for him.

Cleaning is also easy with no extra effort as the assembly is not complicated. We just need to take out the insert disc and clean it as we normally do.

Things to notice:

  • Could be a chance that fluids might pour out of this cup when it’s turned upside down if the disc is not placed properly
  • Fragile as could be cracked when it is drop or thrown out

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