Cleft Journey

The research, plan and decision

There were many emotions and questions after receiving such a news, after I went out from the gynecologist room that I do not know what to do. I was shocked and overwhelmed then, I was at a loss. For the next four months, I worried, waited, and readied myself for the birth of my baby. Thankfully, my closest family and my husband have been supporting me throughout the pregnancy and encouraged me to take care both of us well.

Along the time, my husband had been doing lots of research about cleft lip surgery, meeting the surgeon and the hospital teams in Bandung and Jakarta. He did anything to find as much information as possible to repair his smile and I can see that my husband is determined to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to fix him. He had plan.

After deep research, with the support of his younger brother who live in Singapore he manage to visit a special Cleft and Craniofacial Centre at KK Hospital (KKH) and develop more information how they will handle such a case when the baby is born.

Comfortable with the process and the handling, we both think that it will be good that I gave birth at KKH so that the baby can be taken care of once he came out to this world.

Due to my third semester pregnancy, we went to visit this recommended gynae, Dr. Khoo Chong Kiat who at that time still having a consultation at KKH. Dr.Khoo had been so kind to welcome us and had given lots of information about recommending plastic surgeons for cleft baby as well. and during this time that we fully understand that we need a good plastic surgeon to fix a cleft lip.

Finally we decided to choose Dr. Vincent Yeow from Dream Clinic for our second son surgeries.

On 18 April 2018, at 8AM, our baby was born. We chose Matthew as his name because he is beautiful baby from God’s gift for us. He had bilateral cleft lip and incomplete cleft palate. He was imperfectly perfect in our eyes. One tough strong baby with loudest cried I ever heard. I can remember the feeling was happy yet relieved that I am finally see him.


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