Toddler Activities

The Three Little Pigs : The Huffing Fox

I called this activity The Huffing Fox because this activity involves blowing using a straw. This is such fun activity for kids and a hit for my son N. He blew it more than zillion times until gets tired of it. Ha ha..

This activity makes a great science exploration too for older kids. Kids can compare how different angles of the straw affect the distance the brick house travels. As for my opinion, there are few benefits of playing this activity for toddler too!

  1. Fine motor skills -toddler can have opportunity to practice pinching the straw. Coordinating 2 hands to hold the straw straight up and slipping the straw into the plastic pipette.
  2. Oral motor skills – obviously! Blowing drinking straw is good exercise for little mouth but it’s a hard work for the little one.
  3. Social and Communication skills – little one will request for more of this and we are establishing relationship with them while play.

So why not try this activity?

It simple preparation is needed:

  • Plastic pipette
  • Straw
  • Tape
  • House brick and wolf picture

the three little pig 2 1Cut the bottom of the pipette and attached the brick house using tape. As for fun, I pasted a wolf cartoon on the straw using a tape.

Then, slip a straw into pipette, and you are ready to huff…puff …and blow your house down!

the three little pigs 2

Hope your kids enjoy this activity as N did!

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