Toddler Activities

The Three Little Pigs: Puzzle, Coloring and Match the numbers

Hi! Still continuing with The Three Little Pigs activities, I stumbled upon Cassie, 3 Dinosaurs Blog who make a great free printable for toddler. Little N did some puzzle and coloring. It’s a great activity to learn about color and match the pictures.

N still need little help from me to match the picture though.

From the printable I used the brick house picture which suppose to be used as lacing activity, I twisted a little by cutting few bricks of the house and pasted it on the white paper. I wrote numbers from 1-10 on the missing bricks randomly. Let N matched the number and pasted it onto the paper.

the three little pigs 2 featuredThis activity is good for little one to learn about number recognitions and fine motor skills as he/she learn paste it using glue.

Have fun trying!

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