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JANOD Vehicles Magnet Book

People have long known that puzzles present many benefits for children as they develop. I read an article once about the three basics of what puzzles do for your child. When our child is alone with a puzzle, you can expect three basic skills to be built:

  • Physical skills- from holding puzzle pieces and turning them until they fit
  • Cognitive skills- as they solve the problem of a puzzle
  • Emotional skills- they learn patience and are rewarded when they complete the puzzle

There are many different types of puzzles sold in the market with different stages of difficulties with appealing picture/characters. I found that this magnetic puzzle book from Janod is really interesting and good to introduce it early. N can have fun creating different vehicles with this cleverly designed Janod-Magnetic Book.

How to play this game?

When we opened the box, there is a background of road, ocean and sky on the cover box to place the magnetic puzzles.

There are 2 compartments, left side of the compartment are 18 vehicle cards. On the right side of the compartment are all the magnetic pieces are placed.

Just select one of the 18 cards and then match the magnetic pieces to copy the card. This activity is good to build problem solving and skill building. Alternatively the child can be creative and mix and match to build your own super cool transport. They could even make a story or change the arrangement when they play which is not a repeating type of puzzle.

The 50 pieces magnetic puzzle and 18 cards all store away in the book when not in use.  As everything are packed and played in the box, this toy is actually quite handy where we can bring it everywhere.

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