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Diecast Mini-Cars & Playsets

N has been a big fan of cars since he was small and today I am going to try to review one of his favorite toys that have been very close to him.

There are many brands of diecast cars out in the market but since the beginning our hearts always go for Takara Tomy Tomica, which is from Japan. I remember the first Takara Tomy toy that N got was the Shinkansen Train Rail Set, a gift from a friend of ours who lives in Perth. Since then, we started to pay attention about this brand and found out they have many choices of diecast cars including different types of play sets and car tracks.

We began collecting the diecast cars from one until I do not even know how many diecast cars N has up until now. N just loves to play with it and always brings as many cars as he can every time he goes out. The thing that I like about this toy is easy to carry, fits in the palm of a children’s hand and could be a helpful alternative for the kids to play, especially during the meal time. Instead of entertaining our children with the smartphone/tablet for video or games, I prefer letting N playing with the cars with different story I made depending of what cars model he brings.

Just bring 4-6 different types of cars then you all set. To make things more interesting you could make up a story by drawing some paths, roads or building on a piece of paper for the kids to play & explore with the cars.

diecast featuredAs N grew older we started to present him more accessories from Takara Tomy Play set.  In addition, N received Takara Tomy Carpark Elevator from his aunt on his 3rd birthday.

The good things about this is actually you can buy the play sets or car track separately but in the end you could connect everything to make a very big town road set.

The kids can innovatively create their track design as they want with different shapes (Straight, Turn, Up, Down etc). The booklet instruction is in Japanese but do not worry to assemble the tracks is quite straight forward, there are some numbers or sign where you can actually connect it.

diecast7In my preference this toys can actually last longer for the kids to play and they can creatively built as they like when they grow up. Hunting for some limited type of diecast car model can also be exciting for some collectors.

Please note: due to small parts this toy is suitable for the kids above 3 years old.

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