PIP’s PLAYbox at Esplanade (Singapore)

Welcome to my travel blog page where I will share my travel experience with N.

As this is my first travel blog, I will share the most updated and interesting for you. I grew up in Singapore and Singapore has always been my second home. While the travelling distance to Singapore is convenience, my family is often visiting there especially during holiday time.

During the last Christmas, I came across this place in Esplanade called PIP’s PLAYbox through their website. PIP’s PLAYbox is a new activity space at the national performing arts centre, designed especially for children and families.

When I visited the place I was so excited to find out that they had special activities for the kids during the Christmas time. The location of the place is quite out of sight, it’s located at Level  4. You need to go up few escalators.

When you arrived at Level 4, there are nice garden with a beautiful view of Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sand and CBD Area. I guess there are not many people knew about this place, so it’s a nice hassle free place for us to enjoy the view of Singapore. Just beside the garden, there was the PIP’s PLAYbox where the place surrounded by the big glass windows and doors.

image1When we entered, there’s a nice lady who assisted us about PIP’s PLAYbox rules and show us the free craft activity available which was decorating Christmas ornaments and coloring.

N was quickly run into the room as he was curious what’s inside.

image2At that time, there were few parents with their kids who already enjoyed decorating the Christmas ornaments quietly. N decided to do some decorating too with me and coloring.

image9After that, N excitedly asked me to come with him to explore the book and toy’s rooms which is wide, bright and airy space. They have nice corners for the kids to read too. Sadly, the books were limited and more suitable for kindergarten kids. Thus, every time N chose a book he eagerly wanted to enjoy different corners of the room but he flipped every book that he chose very fast.

Overall, I love the PIP’s PLAYbox and I may want to come back again if I have free time to occupy my time with my kids. It’s a nice comfortable space for the kids to enjoy kid’s art and craft activities.



Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

Level 4

Opening Hours : 11AM to 6PM


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